How Many 60s TV Shows Can You Name?

By: Megan Kim
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the 1960s. Coming as an unexpected and in many ways unwelcome era of social upheaval and political unrest after the idyllic decade of the 50s, the 60s were nevertheless a Golden Age in popular culture, with unforgettable music, movies, TV shows, literature, and art, most of which is still appreciated and enjoyed today. You only have to look at how many movies, shows, and songs from that era are still being watched by millions around the world every day on satellite, cable, and Internet media. And at how many members of the younger generations can still name examples of each even after all these years, from a time long before they were born. Which is the reason you’re here. If you were around and reasonably sentient and sober in the 1960s, or if it was way before your time, take this challenging quiz and see how you do, you might be surprised.

As great as pop culture was in the 60s, it wasn’t always so good in other ways. The decade began with John F. Kennedy being elected to the presidency, and for a while it was a time of new hope and optimism. Then came the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and a near nuclear war, and that scared the bejeebers out of people. And the very next year an assassin’s bullet put an end to Camelot. Things more or less went downhill from there as far as the world and national affairs went, with an unpopular war in Vietnam, a civil rights battle being waged domestically, and violent riots erupting in cities and on campuses across the nation. It was an interesting decade.

But enough about all that, you’re here to see how many 60s TV shows you can name. Well here you go, but be warned, it won’t be easy!